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Darkness Inside The Light (0.1)
(Download Demo 0.1, it's 
the most recent update.)

A little heads up: The storyline of the game was sort of implemented. The demo build is still early. The demos are to get a feel for the environment you'll be put into. Please, contact me with glitches, constructive criticism, and ideas/feedback/opinions.


Note that the game is now being recreated in Unity, as said on the Introduction page. 

The Technical Demo, displaying the basic controls I've implemented in unity within the first day of remaking the game, is below the last Demo for FPS Creator, Demo (0.1). It isn't much, and it only allows you to mess with the few features I made for the player in a two-roomed level. 

Download "Darkness Inside The Light (0.1)" for the old demo for a fuller game experience (for now). 

Or, if you do want to see the few features I made on day 1, click "Technical Demo" to download and test them out.  



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